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Darius is an emerging creative force within the magic community.  Based in the London area, he gave his first performance at the age of six, and he now entertains celebrities and business leaders alike. He is equally comfortable in intimate occasions such as weddings, dinner parties, birthdays, and corporate receptions.


Darius delivers astounding performances which inject that crucial x-factor into any event. He believes that magic minus the wow, is just a trick. His range of skills include expert knowledge of sleight of hand, mind games, as well as being a trained hypnotist.  His versatile and original approach to performing magic is guaranteed to leave even the most hardened sceptic delighted and amazed.


Darius has both professional input and personal relationships with some of the biggest names within the magic world.  An advisor to David Blaine on magical developments in the UK, he also provides technical product assistance to Dynamo, the UK's hottest junior performer, with whom he has a friendship going back many years. Darius is business partners with Uri Geller, famed for his paranormal psychic abilities while consulting and has demonstrated hypnosis on Teller (from Penn and Teller) while backstage at their Las Vegas show.


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