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The Magic Circle

Mind Games & Hypnosis


This is a rare skillset that Darius specialises in. He helped run the first cold reading seminar, the ability to apparently tell a lot about someone without having ever met them before, with Ian Rowland, which is now run as a monthly success. Darius does not believe in or pretend to achieve real mind reading. He uses a number of approaches to give the illusion that he can indeed read minds. He trained as a hypnotist at London, City University where he first initiated medical hypnotherapy as a London Hypnotist, such as preventing smoking or weight gain with surprising success. He additionally has a degree in biochemistry and neurochemistry from Imperial College, London.


On the back of applied use of hypnosis he has spent over a decade focusing on fast real life, rapid induction hypnosis and integrating this into his close up magic performance. Darius believes in asking for permission before performing hypnosis with his subjects and always treating them with respect and making them enjoy the experience. He attends Head Hacking lectures to keep up to date with the subject. The idea of people putting down the subject or laughing at them, such as by them clucking like chickens, he finds poor taste, as he believes hypnosis is best enjoyed as a strange and interesting phenomena for both the subject and the audience.


Darius is business partners with Uri Geller and is able to demonstrate the phenomena of spoon or fork bending. He additionally helped consult with Derren Brown on a west end theatre show.


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